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The Cider Making Process

Everyone always wants to know about how cider is made!

 Here are the major steps in our process of taking an apple from the tree to cider in the cooler.

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Washing Apples

The first step (besides picking the apple) is washing them. Apples are washed prior to use to remove any dirt or debris that may be on them. We use a special brusher/washer to clean our apples.

Grinding Apples

We grind the washed apples prior to pressing using a motorized rotating grinder with carbide blades. Grinding allows us to better extract the juices during pressing.

Pressing Cider

We press the ground apples in a Lanceman press. This press uses water pressure to squeeze the juice to the outside of the press. The cider collects along the bottom of the press and is pumped over, through a filter, into a bulk tank.

Processing Cider

Lastly, we UV process our cider with a machine called a CiderSure. This enables us to kill harmful micro-organisms without heating the cider and changing its flavor. We jug the cider immediately and place it in a cooler to chill before we sell it in the stand.

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