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Our Farm

The Dairy

My husband Randy’s family has deep roots in Carlisle. His family has been farming in this area for over 250 years. Randy and I and our children are the 3rd and 4th generations on our Mickle Road farm. We started out in 1991 by purchasing 100 cows from Randy’s uncle along with some machinery. We rented the farm until 1994 when we purchased it. Our son, Schuyler was only 3 weeks old then! Our farm has grown along with our family. We now have 4 grown children: Schuyler, Julianne, Randi and Gene and we currently milk close to 200 Holstein and Brown Swiss cows (or as the kids like to call them, donkeys!) and a small beef herd.

Our sons, Schuyler and Gene, work with us on the farm and have taken over many of the daily responsibilities from their father. I have my own veterinary practice but am still instrumental in the daily workings of the farm and in charge of the “babies” (calves). Our daughters, Julianne and Randi, have pursued other occupations off the farm but still help with chores when they visit.

The Orchard

I had an idea of having a “small” orchard where my children, family and friends could pick apples and fruit. About 20 years ago, I convinced my husband, Randy, to let me plant some fruit trees in one of our fields. Since then, the orchard has evolved from my overzealous hobby of planting trees. Currently, the orchard is still growing and consists of about 200 apple trees of various varieties, peaches, pears and plums. There are also about 100 blueberry bushes, raspberries, blackberries and grapes.

In high school, our son, Gene began using our apples to make cider as a FFA project. He received a grant through the national FFA to purchase our first true cider press. This press served us well until recently when we upgraded the processing and efficiency of our cider pressing. The farm stand began out of necessity as an outlet for all the cider and fruit that we grow and produce.

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