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Welcome to
Broadwell Dairy & Orchard

Carlisle, NY

Meet the
Broadwell Family

Four Generations of Farming

We have been operating our family farm in Carlisle, NY for over 30 years. Broadwell Dairy and Orchard is proud to offer our community the opportunity to buy high-quality, locally sourced food and products right at our farm.


What We Offer


NY Grown and Certifed


We love our family, farm, neighbors and community and are proud to be able to have a farm stand where the community can buy quality, locally sourced food and products produced by our family and other local families and businesses.

Featured "Cow"-Worker 

June is Dairy Month and our featured "Cow"-Worker is a repeat, #664 Beth. This lovely registered red and white Holstein belongs to our son, Schuyler. She just freshened in May and gave Schuyler another heifer calf named, Bellamy #939. Last year she had a heifer named Blossom #851. She makes a lot of milk and is a very friendly cow. Congratulations, Beth!


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